"Strategy 2021" is a consolidated development program of Mariupol for the next five years oriented to solve the major social and economic problems and to arrange comfortable conditions for life.

The strategic plan of city infrastructural development is elaborating and implementing by NGO Mariupol Development Fund in cooperation with international grant organizations and local authorities.

The transformation program determines a milestone process of the best world practices implementation in the city, modern standards and reforms for attracting investments, developing of business environment, opening of new industries and new jobs creation, implementing of people's innovative potential and increasing citizens' income.

The strategy provides new perspectives and opportunities for solving the problems of housing and public utilities sector, improving an architectural appearance of the city, developing of new territories, improving the quality of medicine and creating conditions for development of cultural and personal potential.

In the framework of the "Strategy 2021" key investments will be directed to the implementation of pilot projects:

  1. Investment for Mariupol
  2. . Small and Medium Business Development Program
  3. Public security
  4. Infrastructural projects
  5. "New municipality". Management system reforms.
  6. New territories development program "Large Mariupol"
  7. "Revealing the potential" - a program of social support (including the program of IDPs integration and the program to ensure the rights of children)
  8. Environmental protection and energy efficiency
  9. Public Health Development Program (health, sport)
  10. Human Capital Development Program (brand, culture, education, youth)