About us

No boondoggle tasks - just specific projects

NGO Mariupol Development Fund was established in 2015. It became the first non-governmental organization, which had taken a course forward the long-term strategy of the city infrastructure development.

The chosen strategy presumes the fact that each sector works out its own unique development program and, further, these ideas will be integrated into a common action plan. This plan will facilitate the solution of urgent problems, the improvement of living standards and welfare of Mariupol citizens.

MDF develops and implements a number of long-term city development projects in the partnership with international investors and Mariupol city council. There are five committees on the platform of the Mariupol development fund. They are occupied in the development of small and medium-sized businesses; investments and regulatory policy; transportation and infrastructure; landscaping and utilities; culture, education, sports and youth policy; social policy, medicine and ecology.

The success of the strategy is defined by the feasibility of goals and projects. The Supervisory Board governs the non-governmental organization "Mariupol Development Fund".