The main part of investments in the infrastructural development of Mariupol strategy is aimed to transform the social field. The projects involving social adaptation of displaced persons, protection of motherhood, protection the rights and interests of children are in the spotlight.

Innovative energy efficiency measures will form a basis in the performance of repairing schools and kindergartens. The changes in public health will lead to the increase in the quality and accessibility of medical services.

Local authorities put in the priority the development of ecologically pure transport on the basis of public utility company and implementation of the project, the decisive problem of providing drinking water to the residents with the high European level of cleaning.

NGO Mariupol Development Fund is a partner in implementation of the pilot project "Road map of Mariupol citizen" for socially vulnerable residents. It will allow low-income categories of citizens to get social benefits of different services, and address help to a reduced fare.

Realization of the program "The new cultural platform" will create conditions for development of social infrastructure in the fields as culture and tourism.