“Assistant to the new leader of education” was developed in Mariupol


In the frame of the project “Become a new civil servant of Mariupol”,the team of NGO Mariupol development fund in participation with experts andproject participants has developed recommendations for development of leadershippotential of representatives of the education sector.   


A study guide “Assistant to the new leader of education” consisted of a setof tools and practical cases, which will help teachers and educators to findanswers to all questions concerning the New Ukrainian School and the reform ofeducation, as well as to understand the trends of the modern school and therequests of children for obtaining knowledge.


The “Assistant” will be useful for people interested in development of theleadership skills, self-realization, and their own competencies. Psychologistsand specialists recommend methods, books and films concerning this issue.


The project “Become a new civil servant of Mariupol” is implementedwithin the framework of the project "Ukraine Confidence BuildingInitiative" (UCBI II) with the financial support of the United StatesAgency for International Development (USAID).

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