Mariupol presented the first preliminary studies of the Strategy of development of medical services


Over 150 doctors and nurses from all polyclinics and outpatient clinics of Mariupol were involved in the process of discussion of the medical reform. At the conference-hall of the NGO “Mariupol Development Fund”, a series of meetings for medical staff of the Primary Health Care Centers took place where the heads doctors presented their development strategies for the next three years.


The documents have been developed under the guidance of leading experts in the medical sphere of Ukraine and contain a vision for the development of medical institutions in Mariupol for a mid-term.


Physicians and nurses are included in the discussion of the main areas of work for their implementation. Every health worker must understand all aspects of the future transformations and understand their area of responsibility.


Working in groups, medical staff consolidate their knowledge. The task of a teamwork is to unite the team and determine what is necessary to do for each hospital unit in order to move towards the implementation of the PHCC’s strategy.


The meetings were organized in the frame of the project “Friendly medicine” implemented by NGO Mariupol  development fund in partnership with Mariupol city council under the project “Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative” financed by the US Agency for International Development.

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