«Friendly medicine» is a unique project in Ukraine


Today the summarizing of the project "Friendly medicine" took placeat the conference-hall of NGO “Mariupol development fund. Fora half a year 80 employees of the reception-desks were trained onclient-oriented approaches and friendly communication with patients. More than265 residents and 110 doctors participated in discussion of the reform. Thirty-sevenmanagers of the Primary Care Centers have taught by new approaches inorganization of work of healthcare institutions. Asa result, more than 43% of the citizens signed the declaration and selectedtheir doctor.


A unique project for Ukraine wasimplemented by the NGO “Mariupol Development Fun” in partnership with the Mariupolcity council in the framework of the project "Ukraine Confidence BuildingInitiative", funded by the United States Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID).


"The task of the medical staffin Mariupol is to provide quality service to every patient. We have a clear roadmap.Today we want to restore confidence in primary medicine. When the doctorbecomes an authority for a resident of the city, then a system of preventionand early diagnosis will work. We are on the right track. In the nearest future,we will change a look of the primary medicine not only by introducing newcompetencies, but definitely by repair works", - Ksenia Sukhova, theDeputy of Mayor, mentioned.


According to the words of SvetlanaMakarova, the head of the Health Department of Mariupol City Council, theproject has had a positive impact on Mariupol medicine. The number of applications related to prevention in primary medicine has alreadyincreased up to 27%. The goal is to make Mariupol a healthy city, by creating aquality, affordable and effective primary medicine.


"We see the result. Manypeople do a different angle at the medical reform as a resource, not an obstacle. We have plans to continuethis program. It is important for us that the process of transforming thehealthcare sphere in Mariupol does not stop. Patients can become our partners onthis path", - Ulyana Tokareva, the coordinator of the project "FriendlyMedicine", said.

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