Memorandum of Cooperation between “Mariupol Development Fund” and Architects of the City was Signed


The Mariupol Development Fund and Mariupol city organization of The National Union of Ukrainian Architects of (NUUA) signed Memorandum of cooperation with the purpose of partnership in the field of architecture and urban development, design and realization of the projects for development of transport and social infrastructure.

The new alliance was signed by the General Director of the Mariupol Development Fund Gennady Semenihin and the head of the city organization NUUA Andrey Kadyrov. The first Mayor Deputy Alexander Goltvenko, Chief Executive of Ltd «Management company «Mariupol investment group» (МIG) Oleg Ivanyushenko attended the signing ceremony together with many guests.

The opening of the Centre for administrative services will become a first joint project of business, authority and public. The Mariupol Development Fund with architects worked out design and estimate documentation and carried out repair works in the building of the former cinema «Lukomorje» where a new Centre for administrative services will be located in summer. Besides the Centre, in 2016, the first energy-efficient school will be established.

«We have developed a design and estimate documentation for the insulation of facades, installation of plastic windows and introduction of LED lighting for five schools and four kindergartens. The project for reconstruction of children's surgery department of the city hospital №3 and Centre of artistic and aesthetic creativity of students is done. Our goal is to change Mariupol architectural appearance, saving cultural and historical heritage and contribute in the tourism development by attracting investments and charitable funds», - as Gennadiy Semenikhin said.

«Architects are cooperative people. It is pleasant that after 25 years of stagnation, Mariupol is set to development», - as Andrey Kadyrov admitted. According to first Mayor Deputy Alexander Goltvenko, a completed joint work of the City Council, the Mariupol Development Fund and the National Union of Ukrainian Architects is a base for Mariupol development. «With joint efforts in the nearest future we will build our City of the Future – landscaped, comfortable, European Mariupol», - the first Mayor Deputy emphasized.

Beginnings need considerable financial investments. Big business and forming enterprises serve as one of the key financial partners for projects realized within this Memorandum.

«Motivation of our participation in this project is simple: Mariupol is our home and a small motherland. Unfortunately, for many years this home has been neglected, that’s why it’s time to put the city in order for Mariupol citizens, and they won’t be ashamed to invite the guests here. We welcome the partnership of the Mariupol Development Fund with city architects. I believe, it’s a great step forward to a clean, beautiful and modern European city», - the executive director of the managing company «МIG» Oleg Ivanyushenko claimed.

A new architectural city style is one of the main directions of the Mariupol development strategy– 2021. Mariupol is seen as a prosperous and successful city!

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