Not Officials but Kind People!


Today, the employees’ training for the Department of Social Welfare started within the framework of the project "New Municipality" in the NGO Mariupol Development Fund.

The three-days training "Customer focus at registration of housing subsidies" is to change the public officials’ attitude to their profession and to help to develop the main qualities while working with people - stress tolerance, understanding and wish to help.

With the increase of utility tariffs in Mariupol, the quantity of subsidy recipients can be increased by almost 100%. The employees of the Social Protection Administration will be on the front line for 8 hours a day contacting with people. They should not just listen and give advice, but really help a family to get the subsidy.

"Social inspectors are the most important communicators with the residents. You have to become not just officials and kind people, who are happy to help and whom people will leave satisfied", - said the head of the planning management and staff development of the Mariupol City Council Victoria Zakharchenko.

The training program will include lectures, practical exercises and business games. 18 persons will be trained in the first stage.

"The emphasis is on the staff who is ready to work with people. And we will invest resources in their training, education and development ", - summarized the executive director of the NGO Mariupol Development Fund Tatiana Lomakina.

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