NGO Mariupol Development Fund became the initiator of the opening of the center of Mariupol infrastructural development in the framework of the project "The architectural look of the city." New union between civil society, local authority and business aimed to change the architectural appearance of the city, to preserve the cultural and historical heritage and promote tourism by attracting investment and charity funds.

The center is engaged in architectural work, building, developing documentation, passing state expert appraisal, concluding of contracts with service providers and the provision of legal advice.

The priority areas are the creation of architectural projects for the reconstruction of avenues, parks, squares, schools and kindergartens, improvement of urban beaches and developing of recreational areas.

The center of infrastructural development is involved in the development of the investment road map of Mariupol. Project provides improvement of new areas and the reconstruction of the old historic part of the city with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage and the creation of conditions for tourism development.

In partnership with the Mariupol city organization of National Union of architects, engineers and technicians, the Centre plans to realize an ambitious project - to organize a tourism cluster, linking Old Mariupol to Primorsky Boulevard and the park.

In the plans of the Center is the creation in the city the Institute of Architecture, which will unite and enhance creativity in developing of urban planning and landscape design.